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FLASH pearl

Key Features

Sparkling Results Every Time
FLASH pearl, a cleaning powder for Prophy-Mate neo, is a spherical particulate powder designed to roll smoothly over tooth surfaces and penetrate all corners for rapid cleaning. The spherical shape of the powder granules lessens the likelihood of damage to teeth and soft tissue while removing stains and plaque quickly and safely. The base of FLASH pearl is natural tasting calcium, which contributes to low maintenance of Prophy-Mate neo by not forming masses that block the nozzle. The powder also reduces the acidity of oral fluids and inhibits bacterial development while decreasing plaque formation. This product is ideal for cleaning the teeth of patients sensitive to sodium bicarbonate or who suffer from high blood pressure.
* Adverse reactions to this product are rare.

● Powerful ● Sodium-free natural taste
● Quick results ● Biodegradable and non-clogging
● Soft & Gentle ● Suitable for all other manufacturers' air polishing system

FlashPearl-powder4Spherical granules remove residues from every corner
FLASH pearl granules are small and spherically shaped compared to particles of
sodium bicarbonate powder. This means more contact and better access to clean all
target areas effectively. A wider working angle also provides greater treatment safety.


FlashPearl-powder1FLASH pearl roll smoothly over tooth surfaces
The spherical shape of FLASH pearl gives a smooth finish to tooth surfaces
compared to the effects of the sharper-edged particles of sodium bicarbonate.
FLASH pearl leave teeth sparkling without damaging dental enamel.



FLASH pearl


Model FLASH pearl Order Code: Y900693

● Stylishly packaged in a handy, original box ● Contains 100 x 15gms sticks


FLASH pearl (Bottle)


Model FLASH pearl (Bottle)
Order Code: Y900698

● 4 bottles packed in a box ● Comes with a measuring cup for your convenience ● Each bottle contains 300gms


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