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Key Features

VarioSurg is equipped with advanced functions of ultrasonic bone surgery through its specially-made engine.
The Feedback & Auto Tuning Function achieves high cutting efficiency through the automatic power control to which produces power to exacting levels according to the grinding surface.
The Burst Function generates the “hammer effect”, which adds more powerful vibration to the vibrating tip, thus
improving the ability to cut hard tissue.

handpieceShorter and Lighter LED handpiece achieves
a perfect balance. Surgical procedures are easier and stress free to help you provide more precise and efficient treatment.
Led-double LED illumination helps clinicians to focus more easily on the treatment area and contributes to precise surgery.
burst-mode Burst Mode creates a hammer drill effect promoting cutting of the hardest tissues. Superior cutting capability of the burst mode facilitates cutting of hard tissue without stress. varioSurg-display Feedback Function constantly checks the performance parameters of the ultrasonic unit during operation. Simultaneously it controls the power output, which enables to supply the power suited for bone cutting procedure.


Non stop evolution
NSK Research & Development is a continuous evolution and materialization of ideas driven by professionals’ feedback, new treatment procedures and new production technology. VarioSurg, with LED illumination, is a fine example of the momentum achieved by NSK R&D department. The latest VarioSurg system has been upgraded to further improve the ease of clinical application and integrated technology to deliver even safer minimally invasive treatment.

Last Updated: Friday, 19 September 2014 21:51