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What is "NSK STUDIO" ?

NSK Studio is a 3D CG animation studio developed in the hope of inspiring people to "protect beautiful teeth, and the global environment". We created this animation series to express our gratitude to dental healthcare professionals, including dentists and oral hygienists. We also hope that the animation will motivate viewers to look after their teeth and care for the environment.

NSK STUDIO Animations

Declaration Version




Director's Comment

Engaging world-renowned video creator Atsushi Makino as director of the animation
Atsushi Makino, one of Japan's leading video creators, was appointed as the animation director.
In the animation, we feature the various stories of Dr. Sakura, a dentist who has the ability to talk to teeth, together with the unique patients visiting the clinic, as well as teeth with different problems, bringing to life the unique colors and world views of the animation in a charming way.

Atsushi Makino (UCHO) Video Director, Art Director

profile profile

Atsushi Makino was born in 1982, and majored in TV & Film Graphics at the Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague, where he learned drawing animation and puppet animation.
He proceeded to the Tokyo University of the Arts where he completed the program at the Graduate School of Film and New Media.
He works across multiple genres such as live action, art work, and animation, and works on film direction, art direction, animation direction, character design, and illustration.
He uses nostalgic motifs familiar to many, combining them with modern yet sensitive ideas that allow him to bring his work and the audience closer together.
He has received various awards globally and within Japan, and was also involved in the directing of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Opening Ceremony video.

Comment from Atsushi Makino

The mission of this project is to make people around the world reconsider the importance of looking after their teeth.
What I was most conscious of when trying to create a fun worldview that would achieve that was how the "world of teeth" should look.
As Dr. Sakura looks into the patients’ mouths, viewers should be brought into the world in which the teeth live.
I created this by changing the designs according to each character – human, vampire, and shark.
In addition, I designed many animals filled with fantasy elements so that Dr. Sakura's ability to talk with teeth could fall in place naturally.
Each of these interesting settings are published on Nakanishi Inc.'s website, so please take the chance to check them out.


Dr. Sakura

Mr. Q


Residents in the tooth shaped island




 whale brothers


The world of tooth-shaped island

Dental Office

Tooth-shaped island

Dr.Sakura's car

Dark and quiet night

Production Processes of NSK STUDIO

Behind-the-Scenes Stories

NSK Brand Concept

  • Create it
  • Since NSK’s founding in 1930, our mission has been to protect beautiful
    teeth across the world. And we have always worked together with dental healthcare professionals and partners to create success on this mission.
  • Tools for Professilonals
  • The Highest Quality Tools for Professionals Introducing our new video supporting NSK’s slogan, ‘Create It’. We were able to express the spirit of ‘Create it’. Please enjoy!