Technology & Function

  • Wider Clinical Application
    Wider Clinical Application

    NLX nano covers a wide speed range and is compatible with your existing optic and non-optic contra-angles. Combined with a wide range of contra-angles, it covers a speed range of 100-200,000 min-1, to make it suitable for any applications.

  • Miniaturization & Weight Saving
    Miniaturization & Weight Saving

    Thanks to NSK know how, NLX nano has been designed to reduce weight by 20% and size by more than 25% compared with the current NSK micromotor. Despite its smaller size and lighter weight, NLX nano is as powerful and offers the same speed range as the current brushless NSK clinical micromotors.

  • Improved Balance of Motor and Instrument
    Improved Balance of Motor and Instrument

    The balance of the motor and instrument combined has been improved as the weight and size of NLX nano has been reduced. The overall length of instrument and NLX nano micromotor are almost the same as the length of air turbines and couplings, thus enabling practitioners use contra-angles and NLX nano micromotors just like the use of air turbines.

NLX nano

NLX nano

  • Optic
  • Model:NLX nano S120 (120 V)
  • Order Code:Y1001361

Euro Style / Continental Style

  • Optic
  • Model:NLX nano S120E
  • Order Code:Y1002732


  • Speed
  • 2,000-40,000 min-1
  • Max Torque
  • 3.4 Ncm
  • Rated Input
  • AC 28 V 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions
  • W 127 x D 149 x H 54 mm
  • Weight
  • 517 g


  • NLX nano U (Control Unit)
  • NLX nano (Motor)
  • NLX CD (Cord)
  • NLAC (AC Adaptor) 120 V